Identifying Intrinsic Motivation

  1. Self-Reflection: Begin with some quiet time for introspection. Consider the goal you have in mind and ask yourself why it matters to you. What about this goal resonates with your core values or fulfills a deep-seated desire or need?
  2. Journaling: Write down your thoughts and feelings about the goal. Don’t censor yourself; let whatever comes to mind flow onto the page. This process can help clarify your motivations and reveal aspects you might not have initially considered.
  3. Identify Your Values: Consider the values that are most important to you. These could be personal growth, freedom, creativity, contribution to others, etc. How does achieving this goal align with these values? A strong alignment often indicates intrinsic motivation.
  4. Visualize Success: Imagine having achieved your goal. What does this success look and feel like? Focus on the personal satisfaction and joy this achievement brings you, rather than external rewards like money, fame, or approval. This visualization can help you connect more deeply with your intrinsic reasons for pursuing the goal.
  5. Questioning: Ask yourself a series of probing questions to further explore your motivations: Why is this goal important to me personally? How does pursuing this goal make me feel? Would I still want to achieve this goal if no one else knew about it? Does this goal bring me joy, fulfillment, or satisfaction in the process of pursuing it, not just in its achievement?
  6. Seek Patterns: Look for patterns in the goals and activities that have consistently brought you satisfaction and joy in the past. These patterns can offer clues to your intrinsic motivations and help you align your current goal with these deeper desires.
  7. Feedback Loop: Share your reflections with a trusted friend, mentor, or coach. Discussing your motivations with someone else can provide new insights and help you further refine your understanding of why the goal matters to you.

Intrinsic motivation emanates from within, fueling your goal with personal meaning and fulfillment. When you tap into that wellspring, the journey itself becomes joyful, not just the destination. Savor the journey, for it reveals your passions and aligns your efforts with your deepest values. Let each step nourish your soul. Embrace the struggles, they will fortify your commitment. Celebrate every success, and let it propel you forward. With intrinsic motivation as your compass, you’ll find your path illuminated by purpose and your spirit invigorated by the simple act of striving for what matters most to you.

Charli Jo @Lottie